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Wow, this program has been nothing short of amazing for me! I am so glad I went ahead and purchased it and followed it (remember I hesitated at first!).

If your new to my blog let me recap for you really quick.

I had been living my life around Crohn’s disease for about 3 years (until I found this treatment program that made all the difference and gave me back a normal life). It was very tiring to cope with a bowel disease that gave me bouts of diarrhea and frequent stomach pain everytime it attacked me. I was 23 and new at my marketing job when the disease first started. Not the best way to begin a new job, trust me on that one.

I remember the stomach pains were agonizing, it made me struggle and squirm that I just had to lie down in bed. The frequent diarrhea was unpleasant and left me weak and drained. It put me out of action so much that I had to take days off work until I could get better. To make a long story short, because of all the days off, I lost my new job.

I began to eat less because I was afraid that everytime I ate I would suffer all over again. I lost so much weight and became anemic. I was afraid to eat out because I didn’t want to have an attack of diarrhea and go unexpectedly. So I would refuse lunches and dinners out that soon people stopped inviting me. When things got somewhat better I started a new job which demanded a lot of my time and energy. The stress of the new job and coping with my stomach condition only triggered the flare-ups almost regularly again. I was in pain so much and weak all the time that I needed to take days off work AGAIN (argh!!). I was in danger of losing yet another job!

When I finally started a lifestyle change that limited me in so many ways my situation improved but at a toll. I had to learn to change my diet so I could eat well and avoid trigger foods so that meant eliminating all the foods I craved for and drinking beer. I started on drug therapy which had me taking so so many– anti-inflammatory, immune system suppressors, antibiotics, iron supplements, anti-diarrheals, pain relievers, etc. I would still get nervous and uneasy eating out that when I did eat out I just ordered water. When I had a very important day at the office I made sure I didn’t eat the night before or take any breakfast or lunch until the activity was over for fear that I might get a sudden attack. I kept a calendar of outings and important events so I could prepare and empty my bowels beforehand. If there were any sudden invites, I just didn’t go and said no to the invitation.

The disease restricted so much of how I wanted to enjoy and live my life. But, I resigned myself to what the expert doctors kept telling me that there was nothing I could do but live with it for the rest of my life. Then, an good buddy of mine suggested I try this program, No More Crohn’s Disease. It turned out he has Crohn’s disease too and this program was his road to recovery. He swore his symptoms all disappeared after following the program and he hasn’t had an attack for over 1 year now.

That got me all excited and I decided to try it out right away and that brings us up to date and I have been following the program now for almost 6 weeks. It turned out to be the best decision I have ever made!

Just about 1 month following the No More Crohn’s program, I have had no attack of diarrhea or stomach pain. Each day on the program, I notice my appetite starting to come back and look forward to eating now. I’m regaining my strength and energy. I’ve stopped taking the pain relievers and anti-diarrheals (still a little hesitant when I stop taking any pills but so far so good!). I plan on asking my doctor to get me off the other medications as soon as I go visit. Overall, I think I’ve just experienced a remarkable recovery with this program and I now highly recommend it to everyone suffering from Crohn’s!

You can get the program here:

Best of luck and thanks for reading my blog, I am done here and off to enjoy my new life! 🙂

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Ok I almost changed my mind because of skeptisism but in the end I finally decided to purchase the program and see if it can work for me the same way it worked for my good friend. Afterall nothing will work if I don’t try it right!

When my friend suggested I give this No More Crohn’s Disease treatment a try, I got all excited. He has suffered with Crohn’s since his mid-twenties. So more or less for the past 20 years he’s lived with it and tried every remedy that’s out there. So, when he recommended this program, I knew he hit jackpot and it really worked for him.

Crohn’s runs in families and too bad I got it from my mother. I’ve had it for just 3 years and I’m already at my wit’s end trying to live my life around it. Can you imagine how my friend held up all those years? Crohn’s disease is truly a physical torment. The pain in the stomach and the constant diarrhea makes you grow weak everytime and your body goes into decline and you begin to depend on your medications just so you can live with it. I am so sick of this torment!

To add to the physical pain, you also deal with the emotional torture. Because if you don’t learn how to live with your condition, then the only choice is to go into depression because you start to withdraw from people and isolate yourself. I’m sure if your reading my posts right now you know exactly what I’m talking about!

I want so badly to have my normal body once again so I can go out whenever I want to and start traveling and go places without fear and worry. I have really high hopes for this No More Crohn’s Disease treatment program. I don’t stand to lose anything with this, it’s all-natural and takes just ‘4 easy steps’ so I’m gon’na give it a try. I really pray it works for me as it worked for my friend. I am starting the program this week so I will be back in a couple weeks to let you all know how it is going.

If your interested in trying the program along with me here is the website:

Until then take care and hang in there!

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I know what Crohn’s disease can do to a person. The pain hits you like a punch in the stomach and the spells of diarrhea leave you so weak all you can do is scrunch up like a ball of paper.

That’s the reason why I have this blog. It’s a support group for people who suffer from Crohn’s and who are desperate to find a treatment that will work for them, hopefully, for good.

I just found a new one you guys may want to check out! I got it from a friend who’s in counseling with me. He’s had Crohn’s for as long as I have and he just recently picked up this program online called No More Crohn’s Disease and he claims that the results after just a month are shocking.

Here is the site my friend showed me:


I take recommendations from people I know well very eagerly, especially from those who suffer the same condition. It’s because I know that they understand what the disease is about and how it can take its toll on your body and emotions. I find that it’s very credible proof of any product or program.

So when my friend suggested this No More Crohn’s Disease treatment program, I didn’t hesitate. I’m purchasing this right away so I can get started. Hopefully, this program turns out to be “the one” for me. God knows I’ve been searching for years to get the right treatment that will work. I’ll keep you all posted on the results I get once I start the treatment program.

Talk soon!